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Control and Tax Cannabis

David L. Edwards, M.D.


"My kids are not around now, if and when I use it. In the past, we felt that families that toke together, joke together.

"It is hard to understand how my government and profession can be so deceitful and inhumane as to deny suffering patients their safe and effective medicine. Nor how otherwise law-abiding adults can be punished for using a drug less harmful than alcohol or tobacco."

  • Retired Pathologist; Certified in pathologic anatomy by American Board of Pathology. Formerly licensed to practice medicine in CA, OR, and MO

  • Currently is a sculptor, drug law reform activist

  • Sailed 31' Ketch more than 1/2 way around the world.
    Enjoys sculpture (stone & wood), music (classical/folk)

Consumes cannabis rarely, rather opportunistically when in the company of trusted friends who have some. Uses for relaxation, sensory enhancement.

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