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Kim Favre


"Cannabis sativa is an ancient angiosperm which has been utilized by humans for thousands of years in medicinal and religious contexts. The federal government's monopoly on cannabis-centered research and active dismantling of the legalization of marijuana movement is not only a violation of a patient's rights to have any beneficial medicine made available to them but, more importantly, a violation of the quintessential liberty of human-kind, that of being in control of one's own mind and consciousness."

  • Membership Director/ Research Associate for non-profit organization; Student and Activist

  • Enjoys hiking, camping, travel and exploration, reading, the Green party, movies, puzzles, computer games, and writing

"Cannabis has aided in surmounting negative self-image and allowing me to be more confident in my abilities, boosting self-confidence and a desire to achieve.

"The most profound benefit of consuming cannabis was the unveiling of my own ignorance and complacency towards life and events occurring all around us. I have become more proactive in issues of tolerance and acceptance of human diversity and focused in my research on consciousness evolution and cognitive liberty."

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