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Bunni Dean


"The positive effects that I acquire while smoking stay with me and linger hours, days, and sometimes weeks afterward."

  • Hair stylist; sells vintage clothing

  • Certified in EMT, trained in CPR and other first aid

  • Loves making music with her husband, playing instruments, writing poetry, antiquing, traveling, seeing live musicians and playing with all her friends' little children.

  • Volunteers with foster children who have been abused; follower of the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth

Bunni uses cannabis for her depression. "For 6 years, I have been functioning in depression. I have seen doctors and taken pills [Celexa]. Nothing helps. A couple months ago, I got some weed and haven't been the same since. It helps me to look at things more positively and gives me the ability to follow through on things I would have otherwise given up on."

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