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John Shaw


"[Cannabis has] allowed me to eat and remain present at dinner tables for parties and holidays with family, facilitated introductions to life-long friends, marked special sacred moments as an herb in ritual, and helped relieve writer's block.

"I'd like to thank the plant for offering such healing properties to me."

  • Board Of Directors - Sonoma County AIDS Food Bank, Teacher Associate at Sonoma State University, Activist, Landlord/Tenant Mediator, Gardener, Patient Advocate, AIDS Benefits Advocate

  • Currently working on post-graduate degree and credentials; BFA in Political Theater and Religious Studies

  • Received Founders Day Award at NYU and an award for 2 Years service at the Sonoma County AIDS Food Bank; Volunteer for Apple Valley Tenant's Association-Tenant Rep. to Owner's Association, and Americans for Safe Access

  • Enjoys hiking, cooking, animal rescue, working on attaining special education credential, advocating for gay rights, medical pot activism, philosophy, Buddhism, writing, and performing

John is active with Americans for Safe Access. Check out his web site at: www.asasonomacounty.org

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