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West Coast Leaf

Control and Tax Cannabis

Billy Tharp

Midwest US

"Good plant + bad law = bad government. How can we sing about the land of the free with more people in prison, per capita, than any other country in the world?

"If the Government was to wake up and legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana, release non-violent marijuana-related prisoners, the prison overcrowding problem would be solved. Farmers would have a new, legal, cash crop. Industry would benefit from the introduction of hemp, a easily renewable source of energy, paper, rope, oils.... " .

  • Disabled Veteran; National Guardsman; was an active member in local organizations (e.g. Elks, American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, and the Vietnam Veterans of America) and an elected officer in two of these organizations; Received Army Commendation Medal, and several Battalion and Brigade Commendations

  • BS in Social Science Education; Was certified to teach grades 7-12 in World History, American History, Government, Social Studies, Geography, and General Mathematics (lost credential due to marijuana conviction)

  • Enjoys listening to music and watching movies

  • Loving father and grandfather

Billy uses cannabis medically to control nausea associated with migraines and to help with muscle spasms associated with a back injury.

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