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Matthew Lee


"I do not want to be prosecuted for my beliefs... I want to live my life free, and not under constant stress that if I get caught smoking weed, my life is pretty much over. We must come together and change this problem.

" As soon as we can clear our minds of all the negative government propaganda that has been force-fed to us for decades, we can move on as a society and continue to grow and evolve. If not, then we are all doomed to live a life of servitude. Servitude to the Man."

  • Graphic Designer; Web site designer; Computer Guru

  • Helped to start the Montana Marijuana Party

Enjoys puffing 'chronic' and fixing everyone's computers... "because for some reason that other generation [the one that makes all the decisions] can't seem to figure out how to operate a computer without breaking it. So it comes down to us pot smokers to fix it for them at a real cheap price, because they are greedy."

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