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Kandice Hawes


"I love the United States and wonder why they don't love me. I am very concerned with their obsession against their own citizens' marijuana use.

"People think that I am preppy because I am smart and love to go to school. Then when they find out I smoke pot, they treat me differently, like a criminal.

"As a non-drinker, I use cannabis to relax in social situations where I find it calms me, and I use it medically for pain. But my usage mainly is sporadic and usually at night when I know I won't be driving."

  • Full-time political science student; clerical office manager

  • Enjoys politics, observing society, school and learning, listening to Music (techno music-ghetto tech, drum and bass, house, etc.), and engaging in activities that change current political practices which infringe on rights.

  • Volunteers to make cards for AIDS patients in Project Angel Heart; Recipient of award in DECA State Competition for financial services managment

Check out her group's web site at: www.ocnorml.org

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