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Wendell Ellerbee


"I enjoyed cannabis during basic training at Fort Jackson, N.C., in 1971. I never could get the good stuff consistently until I moved to Houma, La. in 1977. There was such a variety of cannabis that I could tell the kind of cannabis it was by the taste. I smoked until 1999.

"Even though I'm getting medical treatment for my severe depression, I'm concerned about using it anymore. I've been a member of NORML since the 1980s. I must admit I was lukewarm in my activism, but I plan to get vocal this year. The only problem I have is fear of losing my social security check.

"I've decided, no matter the consequences, this is my year. I really feel that I won't be around much longer and intend to live as a man, not as the mouse I've been for 49 years."

  • Disabled; Former assistant manager at Wal-Mart

  • Interested in hemp and medical marijuana, environmental issues, organic gardening, and photography

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