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Colleen Williams


"The government has the means to help fix a gaping, bleeding wound in our society, the Drug War. I say legalization and taxation for all drugs, as it's impossible to legislate morality, and consenting adults would happily pay the taxes for it."

  • Small Business Owner in the field of video production, movies, and manufacturer of gardening products; and works in non-profit management

  • Has AA degrees in Art and Liberal Arts; CNA Credential for Home Healthcare management for the elderly

  • Enjoys music, camping, digital imagery, and advocating for medical marijuana

  • Contributes to food banks, child abuse prevention charities, Veteran's and Lions Clubs

Colleen also uses cannabis medically. "It has been a major benefit. I am very allergic to narcotic pain meds, so it helps with the muscle spasms and the pain from the disk disease in my neck."

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