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Rev. Joseph Frank

New Mexico

"I use cannabis to help with the relief of my physical pain and ailments from the accident that retired me from the US Army. By smoking cannabis, I also get back the creativity that I lost due to my accident. I get inspired to write and create after smoking cannabis. I use cannabis to heighten and expand my spiritual life. In my church, cannabis is a sacrament and I use it often for enlightenment and for healing reasons. It gives me a very balanced feeling."

  • Disabled Veteran of the US Army; ULC Ordained Minister; Doctor of Divinity

  • Graduated with Honors from the Community College of Allegeheny County (with an AS degree in Liberal Arts and in the Science University Parallel Program) after being permanently disabled with a head injury from the US Army

  • Awarded three Army Achievement Medals, the Army Commendation Medal, two Good Conduct Medals, and the Wheeled Drivers Badge for his outstanding military driving record

  • Has been involved with various environmental clubs and advocates for the many uses of hemp

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