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Bruce Reith


"Cannabis has given me the ability to perform normal daily activities without the use of other drugs or pharmaceuticals (for gastroenteritis), calmed my nerves on more than one occasion and opened doors and introduced me to people and cultures I may have missed otherwise.

"Cannabis has done more to open my eyes to the workings of politics than any idea, system, concept or person -- by viewing the way the US government refuses to meet the will of the people, withholds medicine from the sick, and incarcerates minorities and low income people for the use of marijuana. I am amazed at how many of our rights get thrown out the window or ignored because of a natural substance. It seems as though cannabis is a scapegoat for keeping people in line. You can not control an honest person. An honest person does not need to be controlled. A government that works by control and fear needs dishonesty to control its people.

"Cannabis will not be legal until it is more profitable as a legal commodity than it is as an illegal one."

  • President of Randy Rolling Papers (the only paper with a built in wire)

  • Throws benefit concerts for local charities and produces his company products for other charities

Check out his web site at: www.randys.com

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