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" I don't see the point in the prohibition of naturally grown substances. It is our right as Americans and as human beings to ingest whatever we choose. We are harming no others by smoking cannabis. Prohibition causes the violent black market drug scenes, not the users. Something as natural as cannabis should be the least of anyone's concerns."

  • Commissioned artist (including rock sculpture, graphic art, and jewelry); pianist; and does accounting work

  • Enjoys rock collecting and polishing, nature, playing music, listening to music, having good friends, intellectual conversations, and spirituality. Very athletic (played softball, racketball, volleyball, ran track, ) and loves water sports as well.

  • She loves being a mother and volunteers at her daughter's high school

Kathleen uses cannabis medically. It enables her to function normally during daily routines. It makes her feel more relaxed and replaces the prescription drugs she can not take for her herniated disk and MVP Syndrome (which causes her nervous system to be hyper-reactive to her environment). It also helps with insomnia. She is allergic to practically every prescription medication as well as commonly prescribed antibiotics.

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