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Kay Lee


"[Cannabis] brought me out of years of life-threatening depression, rescued me from dangerous legal drugs, and keeps me on a level so that I can be a benefit to others. It has allowed me to discover untapped reserves of strength and faith.

"My children understand, accept, and even approve [of my use] because of the change in me and my life. They are proud of me for learning, standing up, and for trying to ease the pain of bad laws.

"Any law that is in direct opposition to compassion and common sense is a bad law and must be changed by the people. In order to be free, those who know the truth must teach it, and those who don't must learn it."

  • Grandmother; Drug Policy Reformer/Medical Marijuana and Prisoner Advocate; Creator of Journey for Justice and Making the Walls Transparent Projects

  • Certified Mechanic (top in class); Electronics Technician (one of the top in her class); Trained in CPR

  • Interested in issues related to American social and cultural disorders, and collects information on institutional care

"Cannabis saved my life when my son died, and has continued to raise the quality and productivity of my life ever since. Read her story at: Kay's story. Learn more about the prisoner project, Making the Walls Transparent .

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