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Billy R. Whitfield


"The Bible states that God put every seed and plant on earth that Man would ever need. He put cannabis here for the use of Man, but Bush and his henchmen are putting on the mask of Christians, and then going against God's law by jailing everyone in sight who has anything to do with cannabis. Is that right? Unite for what's right!"

  • Currently working as an NOC Operator (telecommunications); Former BOP Senior Correctional Officer, Oilfield Toolpusher, and Pershing Missle Crewman

  • Has received various military awards; a scholarhip from the city of El Reno, Oklahoma to attend college, various awards and recognitions from Redlands Community College and the Oklahoma National Guard; Best Employee of 1997 for MANPOWER of Vienna, Austria.

  • Loves working in his garden, playing guitar, and playing with his grandsons

Billy is also a medical user. "I never smoke and work, only after work or on my free days. I have Hep C, and it is more a medication to me now than recreation. I am in need of a liver transplant and have been in and out of the hospital and almost died twice, so pot makes it all easier to deal with, helps my wasting by making me hungry, and I don't have to take as many anti-depression medications and other meds as often."

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