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Jay Crowter


"I have written great stories, discovered myself, and had remarkable insights on literature and music. I have met many brilliant people through the counterculture, and it [cannabis] has saved me from the pain of cramps and spasms I get from Ataxia (SCA-2 Spinal Cerebellar Ataxia-2). Pot also allows me to sleep which is critical for my condition no sleep = no balance, coordination, slurred speech, bad gait...etc.

"The world we live in could do with a great dose of tolerance...Pot taught me that."

  • Wood finisher and writer

  • Volunteers for CFCR 90.5 FM as a DJ and fundraiser and at Leisureland golf course

  • Enjoys the NHL, NFL, hiking, heavy music, live music, underground culture, literature, astronomy, all things cannabis, writing, fishing, trivia, and volunteering as a radio DJ

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