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Terri M.


"God did not create medicinal plants by accident. He gave us the juice of the poppy to ease pain, he gave the Indians in the Andes coca leaves to chew for stamina and to combat altitude sickness, he gave other people psychoactive mushrooms and cactus buttons to use when seeking visions, and he gave us a useful little plant to make clothing, paper, oil and medicine from. Why are we now criminals for using the plants God made for us?

"Everything the government says about marijuana is a big, fat lie. How can smoking a plant in your home by yourself be a crime when there is no victim? Why do I fear prison for a non-crime? That is a stupid policy, a huge waste of the taxpayers' money and all based on a lie."

  • Computer technician; Network Administrator

  • Volunteers for needle exchange, a community computer center, and serving meals to homeless folks

  • Enjoys reading, volunteering, and walking her dog

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