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Paul von Hartmann


"Cannabis is the most useful, healing and nutritious plant on Earth. It is so unique, and essentially valuable, that to induce scarcity of Cannabis is 'extinctionistic', beyond the moral accountability of any court. Cannabis has never been truly illegal because it is beyond the jurisdiction of man's unobjective courts. Prohibition of Cannabis is illegal under Natural Law and the 'self-evident' rights of all free people."

  • Photojournalist; Natural Rights Activist

  • B.A. degree in art, wildlife behavior, and journalism

  • Founding member of Green Prisoner's Release Amsterdam, which evolved into the Cannabis College

  • Interested in and enjoys natural sciences, sports, music, and his cats

Paul also uses cannabis medically for pain associated with a broken neck, muscle spasticity, and neuralgia.

For more information on his projects, please check out his web sites at:

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