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Derek P.


"While no substance is absolutely without the potential for harm or misuse, cannabis is a relatively benign drug with many positive benefits for those who choose to use it. It is far safer than any other recreational drug and safer than the great majority of medicinal drugs. Its continued prohibition is completely irrational, without any sound basis in science, and does much more harm to individuals, families, and society than cannabis itself could ever do.

"I think much of my environmental and social awareness has in part sprung from the sense of the interconnectedness of all things that is enhanced by cannabis...It has also given me a taste of what it's like to be an irrationally and unjustly persecuted minority, and thereby added to my empathy for members of other groups in that situation.

"My kids and my parents know I use it, but I don't do it in front of them. I make it clear to my kids that some drugs are dangerous, but cannabis is relatively benign if used responsibly, as is alcohol, and that they shouldn't use either until they are old enough to handle that responsibility. I basically talk about cannabis with them the way most people do about alcohol -- that I do it, but they shouldn't until they're older, but once they are, I'll be more than happy to have a beer or a joint with them."

  • Currently a university student taking prerequisites to get into the Speech Therapist program; has a BA degree in English

  • Volunteer for the Youth Volunteer Corps of Canada

  • Interested in politics, computers (Macs rule!), music (playing & listening), literature, science, and his kids

Consumes about once or twice a week.

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