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Ben Denson


"I am a good person. I work hard, I pay my bills. I do not break the law. I should never have to feel like a criminal because of the lifestyle I choose. When the legal punishment for a substance is more damaging than the substance alone, it is time to change the laws.

"Marijuana has given me a greater understanding of what life is. It helps me to connect with people on a different level. It can wake me up, it can put me to sleep, it helps me to concentrate, and helps me to relax. I could not imagine my life without the benefits of marijuana.

"Marijuana has helped me see that some things are worth fighting for, and an end to marijuana prohibition is definitely worth fighting for."

  • Student working on a secondary education degree in English

  • Aspiring comedian

  • Interested in the arts painting, acting, drawing, and writing. Loves comedy and is currently working on a live sketch comedy show with several popular, local comedians. His number one interest is marijuana.

Ben gets great medical benefit from cannabis. "I have bipolar depression, an illness that runs in my family. I saw a therapist and was prescribed anti-depressants. The 'medicine' made me feel ill, and I vomited every time I took it. I was only on the pills for a short period of time, and then I discovered the medicinal values of marijuana. I have been using marijuana on a daily basis since I stopped taking the antidepresants and I feel great, mentally and physically."

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