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Martha DeWolfe


"I've come to understand that part of my career was built on a campaign of lies and demonizations. I actually pray for those adults I arrested and introduced into our Criminal Justice System, merely for possessing it [cannabis]. I don't believe I ever actually saw anyone smoking it back then. But it still smelled strong enough to be an easy bust ! And I had BOUGHT the lies taught since second grade at my school, so I really believed these people were crooks! I honestly do not understand how police can buy into those lies now. Information is much easier to get than it was back in the 1980's!

"Fellow smokers are usually peaceful, and can be witty conversationalists! Cannabis has a relaxing, mellowing effect on most of us. THE ONLY PROBLEM for some people seems to be mild paranoia, which I attribute to the status of the herb as 'illegal' federally. I was the same but since the FEDS got my doctor's and my records, I have nothing to hide, and nobody's bothered me.

"I've had a number of traumas in my life. To make a long story short, it's enabled me to withstand pain in my joints so that with other therapy (daily cold therapy, frequent heat, stretching and weight bearing exercise) I've lost and kept off 30 pounds. I feel better than I had in decades!"

  • Public Speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP); Song Writer and Singer in The Wildcat Canyon Band (currently recording a CD); former police officer in Texas

  • Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards & Education (TCLEOSE) awarded certificate for Advanced Peace Officer, Police Instructor and Crime Prevention; South Western Law Enforcement Institute (SWLEI) awarded certificate for Police Supervision ; and Grand Prairie Crime Commission awarded certificate for Life Saving and Officer of the Month

  • Received community service awards, membership in MENSA, lifesaving certificate, bars for shooting proficiency and safe driving, and various letters of commendation

  • Interested in just about everything: music, Internet research, activism on the failed DRUG PROHIBITION, politics, bicycle riding with her husband, gardening, her six cats, long walks, road trips, anything outdoors, and meeting people

Martha got injured while she was a police officer. She retired as a sergeant and was the first female officer to take promotional exams in her department.

Cannabis helps tremendously with her chronic, severe pain and inflamation in both shoulders, both hips, back, neck and wrists, and knees.

Be sure to check out web site for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition at : www.LEAP.cc

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