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Ben Scales

North Carolina

"I'm a responsible family man, first and foremost, and I proudly support and promote reform of U.S. drug policy, which destroys families by incarcerating nearly 700,000 otherwise law-abiding Americans every year for simple possession of a natural plant. Marijuana is an herb and a flower, not a drug, and it should be regulated for quality and purity only, just like other herbs.

"It has re-energized my spiritual belief in God, who created both cannabis and me."

  • Singer; Songwriter; Free-lance writer; Advocate for Political Change; former attorney

  • Has a BA degree in Industrial Engineering and a J.D. degree; member of two state bar associations

  • Enjoys music, reading, yoga, exercise, ultimate frisbee, but mostly, hanging out with his wife and children

Please visit his web site: www.benscales.com

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