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Allan Erickson


"[Cannabis is] a gift from the Creator so ancient in its history with humanity that we carry cannabinoid receptors on a cellular level."

  • Drug Crisis Intervention Specialist; Owner / Manager of a lumber business

  • Drug crisis / first aid volunteer and Eugene Police Commission SWAT Policy review volunteer

  • Interested in and enjoys playing sports, music, politics (since 1973), native studies, and entheogenic exploration

  • DrugSense Volunteer of the Month for writing letters to the editor (See Take Action section on this web site), "newhawking", and editing for the Media Awareness Project.

With a family history of arthritis, he feels that cannabis is a preventative therapy for his muscle and arthritic pain. He also enjoys using it as a relaxant after work (he doesn't drink), while hiking, hot spring soaking, movie watching, and music listening.

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