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Dan Solano


"I wake up every day and have the thought that I'm a criminal because I use marijuana. It has forced me to deal with street dealers or other underground connections to get my medication."

  • Retired Police Officer (Pistol Team Detroit Police); Former US Marine

  • Founder of Police Officers for Drug Law Reform; volunteers to register people to vote and for the Drug Policy Forum of Michigan

  • Interested in travel and politics

Dan received severe head and physical injures during a traffic stop incident while on patrol, which forced him to take an early retirement. He gets great medical benefit from using cannabis. It helps control his severe headaches, insomnia, mood swings, nausea and pain; and has enabled him to get off of debilitating, prescription drugs.

Photo of Dan: Receiving an "Officer of the Month" Award at Detroit Police Headquarters from Detroit Police Chief William Hart in 1990.

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