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David Lawson

New York

"I use marijuana now for helping to relieve the stress and anxiety related to my traumatic brain injury. It has helped me through many difficult depressive periods. Instead of morphine or heavy pain killers (which for a traumatic brain injury leave you very mentally unstable even in small doses), I could use pot topically, ingest chocolate with cannabis in it, and feel real relief to make it through the day and/or sleep at night.

"Thank God for Reefer!"

  • Musician; sound engineer; and maintenance supervisor

  • Christian Minister

  • Volunteer organizer and sound person for Rock Against Racism events

  • Enjoys music, outdoors, and PC work

David gets great relief from using cannabis as a medicine since his serious auto accident. He survived the accident, but it left him with two titanium plates in his face, left arm brachioplexy, a fractured 5th cervical vertebra, sternum and ribs.

Photo with wife, Cheri.

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