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Cheri Bruse

New York

"Cannabis has kept me from going insane. It helps me to keep things in their proper perspective and to think rationally. Cannabis reduces my stress levels significantly, inspires me to be more creative and productive, and it helps me sleep as well as awaken in the morning. It helps me to start my day positively. Using a topical marijuana oil has helped my lower back pain better than Darviset or hydrocodone, without unwanted side affects.

"I smoke pot. I don't care who likes it or dislikes it, although I would never impose my cannabis smoking on someone who doesn't dig it. I REFUSE to hide the fact from anyone that I am a pot smoker. I tell all my doctors, dentists, care givers and anyone else who will listen. I have pot pride!!!!"

  • Sells homemade clothes and owns a sound system company

  • Enjoys seeing live music, attending festivals, and working to legalize cannabis/ hemp/ marijuana/ medical marijuana

Cheri gets great medical benefit from using cannabis for lower back pain resulting from a serious automobile accident, for tendonitis from a work-related repetitive motion injury, for headache, nausea, cramps, motion sickness, sinusitis, stomachaches, sore muscles, anxiety, depression and anger management -- to name just a few. "What a wonderful gift from our Lord," she says.

Wedding photo with her husband, David.

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