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Rev. Joe


"The only statement that I would like to throw out there would be: please read the UN Universal Declaration Of Human Rights. Look at Article 18. Now you know what I believe in...."

  • Mixed Media Artist; Street Ministry Director and Adviser; Kick-boxing teacher (8 years)

  • Has degrees in art, music, and business

  • He enjoys music, all forms of arts and crafts, fishing, live theater and musicals, ice hockey, baseball, football and many more activities

Rev. Joe saved two children from a burning car. He also saved seven people in a store. "I took a bullet in my chest from a madman after I jumped into the line of fire. He ran out. So they say I saved everyone. He was shooting at a gas tank."

He has written a few school plays on child abuse, teenage violence, and bullying in schools.

He is also a medical cannabis user.

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