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George Sherfield


"Alcohol killed my father, tobacco killed my mother, and marijuana has never killed anybody. When my grandsons grow up and make those adult decisions that we all make, I hope they will have a choice that they can live with.

"I like to play the guitar when I have smoked. It seems to improve my ability, as well as my appreciation of the music. Also, if I have a problem that I am trying to work out, I find smoking lets me address the problem with a more open mind, and it usually helps me find the solution to the problem.

"Both of my grandfathers were Baptist preachers. Sometimes when I am talking about marijuana, the preacher comes out in me, too."

  • Electrician, carpenter, handyman, guitar player

  • Director of Michigan NORML; volunteered for Hands Across America to promote brotherhood among the races

  • Received honorable discharge from the US Air Force

  • Enjoys playing guitar and singing, traveling, and meeting new people.

George has arthritis in his hands. After he smokes, he can play guitar and the arthritis doesn't bother him.

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