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Alfred Reaud


"Cannabis has allowed me, I believe, to pierce the veil and see some of the interconnectedness that ties all living things together. While smoking 'wisdom-weed' on mountaintops in Colorado, I've come to a spiritual epiphany with All That Is, and felt the wholeness of things. It's opened some doors that would have remained closed. However it has also, to be fair, closed some doors. It has helped me to be a better musician and a better C++ and HTML programmer.

"The Supreme Being put 'wisdomweed' on this plane to help us get along and love one another. It is a natural plant, no more a creation of Evil than a house cat or hyena. It is to be used wisely, with respect, and with thankfulness."

  • Self-employed electronics technician (Proprietor, Happy Cat Technologies, electronics/IT/automation/robotics consulting firm) and truck driver

  • Enjoys live music (bluegrass) concerts, learning to play mandolin, reading scientific papers, bicycling, and hiking

  • Volunteers for Americans for Safe Access; past volunteer for the Center for Justice, Peace, and the Environment

  • Received an award from the Colorado Division of Wildlife for volunteer service performed in 1993

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