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Jeremy Nelson


"I believe cannabis should be used by more people. It can be used as a substitute for a variety of drugs that have harmful side effects. If the US government were to legalize marijuana use, the use of much harder drugs would decline drastically.

"It is utterly unbelievable that the US government has ignored all the evidentiary support for the legalization of medicinal use and personal use of marijuana. Do a search for medicinal marijuana and read all the strings of files and reports that prove medical marijuana is real and should be allowed.

"We are also Christians who believe cannabis is an essential part of our Walk with our Lord, Jesus Christ. We seek the Lord in our everyday lives and decisions and live according to His Word as best we can. We are the same around our Christian friends who don't smoke as we are around the non-Christian friends who do. We have had a few relationships deepen with our non-believer friends which enables them to be real with us, and hopefully allows the Lord to speak into their lives.

"This next statement is for all of you who are in connection with or who are a decision maker in government: Please strongly consider the legalization of marijuana for responsible adult usage. As you can see, we are positive contributors to our community and society. We would like to live without the stress of being arrested for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

"I also use marijuana to relieve chronic pain in my neck and back. It also helps with the swelling along my spine, due to the anti-inflammatory attributes of the cannabinoids. It helps me sleep at night by relaxing my muscles and nerves to a point that I don't wake up through the night with nerve twitches or muscle aches.

"We urge everyone to read about the facts first and then make an educated decision about what to do with this natural remedy for an array of different problems that we all suffer from."

  • Entrepreneur; freelance web designer, Internet advisor

  • Christian, Ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church

  • Interested in God, computers, Internet income, playing Spades, and enjoys time spent with his children

Photo with his wife, Cherie. See their web sites at: www.medicare-solutions.com, www.netprenuers.com, and www.winnsboromerchants.com.

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