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Gabrielle Magney


"I smoke the good herb by the bowl or a 'J' with friends at parties and get togethers. I also smoke by myself to get high and relieve stress. Some of my family have the same views about marijuana as I have and some feel that I'm making a mistake and jab at me about it. I try not to let it bother me because I know that is what they were taught in school, and they don't know any better. Most of my friends smoke also.

"I used to be into hard drugs and drinking, but I have become more health-consious and felt that to become a productive member of society I needed to overcome the most addictive and self-destructive habits. I also didn't like who I was becoming. I believe the herb is my natural stress reliever, a good high, and creativity enhancer."

  • Works in customer service and data entry

  • AAS degree in Microcomputer Support Technology

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