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"Cannabis has made me more assertive in social situations and a mentally happy person. I don't think I ever knew what real happiness felt like 'til I found out how I can feel. It also helps me eat more -- I have bad eating patterns. It all started after being prescribed Prozac. Even after stopping those pills, my appetite was diminished. Pot at least helps me eat sometimes.

"If I have it, I smoke at home alone. I feel free and just let the creative juices flow. Usually after getting stoned alone, I will be programming, designing sites or drawing within minutes. It helps tune me into my creativity and gives me thousands of ideas. It allows me to create many things and functions on my site you don't even see on other sites simply because I get so many ideas when I'm stoned. I also love to sit back and draw collages and write poetry occasionally.

"If beer grew on trees, would it be illegal?"

  • Web-Designer and Programmer (php, perl, mySQL and HTML); artist and author

  • Interested in politics, art, videogames, literature, activism, psychology, cannabis, globalism, anarchism and programming

Check out his web site at: www.taintedthoughts.com

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