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Jim Esslinger


"Sometime in the future, people will look back at this time and ask why.

"It's such a stupid, stupid drug war, as far as pot is concerned. So much so that I'm writing a book with a working title, 'The United States Government's Propaganda War On Pot and Other Lies.' It's a book about what if's as in what if pot had never been made illegal?"

  • Sale and Marketing Specialist

  • BA in Business and Marketing; Certified Traveler Counselor

  • Honored for his patented fiber optic back-light illumination panel for graphics/logos on a moving vehicle

  • Considers himself a 'news junkie,' and enjoys making collage art, traveling, downhill skiing, blues and reggae music, and good times, good friends and food

Jim has consumed cannabis with police detectives, lawyers, professors and scientists.

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