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Luis Romero


"I feel so outraged with government paternalism that allows you to use alcohol and tobacco and punishes you for using less harmful things like cannabis.

"We all know many people die every year from alcohol and nicotine abuse while nobody has died yet from using cannabis.

"We all need to work to change this hypocritical attitude towards cannabis. Most of all, we need to stop the government from interfering with our own personal and private habits when they do not affect anyone else.

"I think we have the right to decide, if after a long day at work, we would rather have a cannabis cigarette than an alcoholic drink to relax.

"Politicians know that cannabis use exists on a massive scale, but they need to be helped and supported by people like us and pro-legalization organizations. Changing the laws will not be an easy step to take. Our opposition comes from all the narrow-minded people, like the ones who were against divorce some years ago..."

  • Director of Multi-Media Production Company

  • College degree in computer science

  • Enjoys sports and reading

Luis has consumed cannabis with politicians, famous actors, architects, engineers, etc.

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