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David Crockett Williams


"As a chemist having studied the neurochemical activity of the THC (herbal alcohol) in cannabis, it is clear to me that cannabis hemp is not only 'non-addictive' but is in fact 'anti-addictive.' It could be a very effective remedy for hard drug and alcohol addictions, if the fear of cannabis use were removed."

  • Scientist, peace activist, general agent, salesman and manager

  • BS degree in chemistry (with honors)

  • Listed in 1970 Outstanding Young Men of America, 1971 Mass Mutual Career School Champion, various sales awards (until he dropped out in 1973 to become a mendicant scientist researching mind-spirit-matter relationships via sometimes ascetic spiritual practices)

  • Coordinator of Global Peace Walks in 1995 & 2000

David is trying to get his "Tetron Natural Unified Field Theory" equations understood and applied in the scientific establishment regarding correction and completion of E=mC^2 per true nature of light (C) and consequent understanding of the human mind's consciousness orientation function of light, Tetron (see http://www.angelfire.com/on/GEAR2000/tetron2.html).

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