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Bobby Seay


"I have been trying to draw since I was three. I learned how to tool leather and use a swivel knife in the 70's by working in the leather shops in Atlanta. Pot inspires me to do my best art. After 30 years as a professional leather tooler, drawer, and painter, there is no doubt of this. I love my smoke, and I leave alcohol and hard drugs alone as I always have.

"I am a member of MedPot.com and CAMP in Atlanta, have been involved in NORML and the movement to end the prohibition against pot since the 70's. Like many old hippie-yippies, I am living proof that pot does not destroy your motivation, which was a finding in the Presidential Commission Report of '72, which I read then and many times since. It was an absolutely sound social study then and now has been backed up by reputable science. It found that pot does not destroy your motivation, cause you to do harder drugs as a gateway drug, is less harmful than alcohol or any other recreational drug, and has medical benefits."

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