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Rev. Tom Brown


"As our Prophet Bob Marley spoke it, 'The more ya accept Herb is the more ya accept Rastafari.' As our Prophet Peter Tosh spoke it, 'This Herb was created by the Creator. It's anti-cancer, anti-trichinosis, and anti-dote. Jah created it to relax the mind of man, and it's to do everything to motivate inspiration.'

"Cannabis allows us to connect with our 'inner child.' Cannabis has given me the chance to 'become as a child in order to enter into the kingdom of heaven' as Jesus of Nazareth spoke. Cannabis has given me the ability to actually feel the relationship with the Creator of all in all the multitudinous ways that the Creator designed."

  • Cannabis minister; laborer

  • AA degree in Sociology

  • Interested in contemplating and interacting with the Mother, Father, and Creator of all; bringing to light the religious freedom issues inherent in the US Constitution

Tom spent 53 months in prison when "Our Church," which believes in the use of God-given plants as sacraments was raided. His home and church property were confiscated by the government.

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