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Control and Tax Cannabis

Mark Linkhorst


"Booze is legal. Tobacco is legal. Alcohol is legal. There is a wing of the government that controls all of this, the ATF. I really think it would be scary if it were the ATFM, MATF, or however else they decide to put [in charge of] it. We need to take this out of the federal government's hands since they are the ones that put the restrictions in place. Make it a local issue, make it a state issue, do it everywhere, and it will no longer be an issue. "

  • Computer geek; whitewater kayaker and river guide

  • BA in International Politics; ACA Swiftwater Rescue Certified

  • Received army commendation medal; Eagle Scout medals; volunteer with Rails and Trails

  • Interested in whitewater kayaking; grunge music; progressive issues; non-big-oil subsidized science; and activism

Mark finds cannabis extremely helpful as a mood stabilizer and gets great medical benefit from its use.

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