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Michael Ceyala


"When I first started smoking weed it was for the purpose to give me the 'munchies' and to be able to gain some weight. I weighed 110 lbs at the time so I was a pretty skinny guy. For some time I was going to the doctor for stomach problems from stress and other things. Cannabis helped with all that. I don't have problems with my stomach anymore, and I weigh more now. Stress had consumed me so bad that I had suicidal thoughts, which I no longer have even in times when I don't have weed to smoke. Cannabis is awesome and has helped me alot.

"'Legalize it, and don't criticize it!'"

  • Busser at a golf country club

  • Won swimming meet medals, honor roll awards

  • Enjoys playing and listening to music; girls; social activities with friends; politics; baseball; football; basketball; snowboarding; reading novels and writing poetry; riding bikes; camping; fishing; hunting, etc.

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