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Michael Pearce

Quebec, Canada

"I use medical cannabis to manage chronic pain that I suffer from a debilitating arthritic degeneration of my back. At 40, I was told I would never work again by a highly regarded specialist, and I haven't been a quick slide from productive to disabled. With cannabis use I require much less medication. I use opiates, which have some of the worst overall side effects. Cannabis enables me to function, and gives me a beaming smile most days. It makes life ever so much more pleasant. Neither the cannabis nor the use with opiates does much significant pain reduction. I don't have to think about the pain or any drug side effects.

This much maligned plant is medicine for me and so many others.

End drug prohibition.

Legalize, Regulate, Educate and Medicate!

  • Disabled; Post graduate in biochemistry; Epicurean

  • Interested in health and ending of prohibition

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