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Michael Steele


"Cannabis has given me the ability to create an environment that is cool enough to make me want to come alive and feel like I am part of an ongoing journey through time and life itself has been very blessed, and I think we all need to come out about it all.

"Cannabis has brought me to realize my potential as a human being and has also allowed me to find 'myself' in terms of being a peaceful and joyful man instead of a fearful, angry person.

"Smoke or don't smoke, the choice is yours...and mine, so judge not. The 'legal' stuff we put in our bodies, like caffeine, nicotine and alcohol abuse are the REAL problems in society...."

  • Radio personality, DJ, entrepreneur, seminar leader, and Internet nut Director of thePeopleAssociation.com

  • Degrees in Broadcasting and Communication

  • Has received Adult Learner awards, and is listed in the Who's Who

  • Enjoys music, hiking, reading, partying, motivational and spiritual seminars

Check out his web site at www.thepeopleassociation.com

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