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Beth R.


"Marijuana is my best medicine on two fronts. I am an independent sales rep and find it to be a wonderful relaxing agent after a fast-paced workday.

"Also, due to smoking tobacco for 30 years, I have a chronic sinus condition with perpetual drainage to my lungs. A good bong hit provides super expectorant action, for clearing the mucus out of my chest hence expanding breathing capacity. I always enjoy a good bong rip or two before cruising my favorite seven mile loop on my skateboard.

"Additionally, I find pot to be the ultimate enhancer for creative thinking/writing, music enjoyment, and just plain fun and laughter with friends."

  • Independent Manufacturer's Sales Representative

  • Self-published and distributed a tree-free poetry book

  • Enjoys skateboarding, writing, dancing and music

Beth formerly published and distributed a free paper called Hemp Activist Times throughout the Greater Seattle area. It is archived at: www.hemp.net/hat/archives/9807/publisher.html

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