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Brianne Wilson


"Bud brings so many diverse people together. I'll be at a party and Cholos, Rastas, preppies, punks, rebels, rockers...the young and old, they'll all be in a circle toking from the same bong, sharing and comparing their buds. It's a common bond for so many people." It opens you to a completely different level of appreciation for nature, and the peace of mind that one can achieve. Sure it takes more courage to go through life sober, but there is a time and place for everything.

  • College student majoring in Journalism and Fashion Merchandising

  • Works as part-time waitress

  • Winner of city's art competition, whose entry is now a mural across from her town's City Hall; two-time People 2 People Student Ambassador for Western Europe and the South Pacific

  • Loves to be creative, planning parties, doing anything artistic, going to the beach, dancing, shopping, and smoking a joint while taking a bubble bath (a nightly ritual)

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