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Jess Grant


"I believe pot has helped to put me in touch with a greater life force and given me a greater respect for the interconnected web of existence. I like the values that come with the ganja culture, among them communalism (sharing), right relationship ('to live outside the law you must be honest...' Dylan?), and the ideal of world community and nonviolence.

"As a songwriter, I love the artistic inspiration. I also love how it feels to make love or watch movies while stoned. Socially I enjoy being part of an underground subculture, and the renegade/outlaw in me will miss the days of prohibition (but not enough to support criminalization!)"

  • Non-profit administrator

  • Master's Degree in Public Administration

  • Served as Board President of his Unitarian Universalist congregation

  • Enjoys music (he's a performing songwriter), Latin and Ballroom dancing, and social justice causes

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