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Barbara Renton


"It's the only medication that iis completely safe and works. [I have] several friends who died of AIDS in misery. One friend, who doctors mis-diagnosed with an ulcer, died peacefully of stomach cancer because she had marijuana to kill her pain, while it kept her coherent and aware."

  • Currently on disability due to remitting multiple sclerosis. Worked for 25 years as a security officer, bus driver, artist, and artists' agent. Writer, published poetry book, "Loose Ends" and wrote two novels.

  • Volunteers for NOW, Friends of the NRA, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Geneseo Art League, and Feminist Writers' Guild, Women's Liberation Union (at ULCC), and various animal shelters

  • Certificate of Appreciation for volunteer work for Friends of NRA, received awards at art shows and galleries for her painting since 1974

  • Enjoys taking care of stray dogs, driving an elderly neighbor to church, escorting manic depressive neighbors to art functions, swimming and lifting weights, writing and painting

Used cannabis from 1972 to 1996. She does not currently use it.

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