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Sandee Burbank


"I use a water pipe to use just the amount I need to relieve muscle spasms and pain. It also calms me considerably. It has allowed me to lead a normal life rather than one dulled by prescription medications.

"We have been honest with our children, teaching them the health and legal risk/benefits of all drug use. They appreciate our honesty and we have a loving, trusting relationship. Now they are adults. The marijuana laws are inequitable, ineffective, unenforceable and counter-productive. It is time to judge all drugs by the same standard and make marijuana legal."

  • Director of Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse (www.mamas.org)

  • Trainer in a variety of processes and educator

  • Award from Wasco County for 18 years service, Dec. 2001; Robert Randall Award for Citizen Action, 1997, Award from the OR Liquor Control Commission, 1991

  • Enjoys gardening, computer art development, land use planning, recreation planning, and traveling.

Photo: Sandee on left, her daughter Jennifer on right. Check out her web site at: www.mamas.org

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