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About Us

The goal of the Cannabis Consumers Campaign is to create public policy changes by: 1) dispelling the myths and negative stereotypes that perpetuate marijuana prohibition and all its harsh consequences and 2) providing a more positive and accurate image of adults who consume cannabis. By coming out of the closet, we demonstrate to the general public, the media, and our political leaders that pot smokers are good, responsible, contributing members of society who deserve equal status and treatment before the law and in society as a whole.

Message From The Director

My Fellow Cannabis Consumers,

Are you fed up with hiding your cannabis use? Are you tired of being treated like a second-class citizen, denied the same rights in society that our alcohol and tobacco-consuming peers enjoy? Wouldn't you like to be open about your marijuana use and be accepted for it - or at least to not be punished for using it in an adult, responsible manner?

Marijuana prohibition is built on the presumption that "potheads" are a detriment to society, along with other negative stereotypes: that they lack a moral base, don't achieve their potentials, are stupid, couch potatoes, losers, etc. We all know this is wrong, and we deserve better. The objective of the Cannabis Consumers Campaign is to provide to the general public, the media, and our political leaders a more positive and accurate image of people who use cannabis (marijuana, herb, pot, grass, reefer, weed, ganja, etc.). Our survey is intended to help clarify who cannabis consumers are and what they are like. Our goal of this public education and public relations campaign is to bring about positive changes in marijuana policy that expand our rights and freedoms as cannabis consumers.

The criminalization, persecution, discrimination and unequal treatment before the law of cannabis consumers all feed on myths, stereotypes, and a fear of the unknown. This will continue as long as prohibitionists can perpetuate their lies and bigotry about us without challenge. That's why an important part of our campaign is to help people "come out of the closet." Like the gay rights movement, we must show that we are good citizens who deserve to be treated equally. We believe that when the public learns that many of their friends, family members, co-workers, and role models -- people who are responsible, successful, contributing members of society -- also consume cannabis at times, prejudice will be dispelled and the basis for prohibition will collapse, along with its severe consequences. We understand that "coming out" takes courage and is not without-risk, but we hold that to do so is essential to better our situation.

That's why your participation in this project is so important. Please take a few minutes to fill in as much of this survey as possible. Make copies and pass them on to others, and encourage your friends to do the same. The culmination of this campaign will be a well-placed ad with substantial media attention that features 100 prominent celebrities coming out together. We already have a commitment to fund this portion, and several celebrities are willing to take part in this ad. We need your help to get more. But, first, we need to build a base of lesser-known but successful individuals to lead the way. The more people come out, the better.

Information from this survey may be used on this website (www.cannabisconsumers.org), in public education materials (photo display, booklet, literature), and for media purposes. With the help of your personal story and photo, we can shift the image of cannabis consumers from negative to positive and more quickly gain policy reforms to attain social status and acceptance equal to our alcohol- and tobacco-consuming peers.

We will present this information in as discrete and honorable a manner as possible. We respect your privacy and will not share your personal contact information without prior permission. Please contact me with any questions or concerns, or with leads of other prominent people who might like to participate in the "coming out" ad, and let your friends know about this project. Periodically, visit our web site to check on the progress of this campaign.

Remember to send us a flattering photo or two of yourself and sign the "release" at the end of the form, to give us permission to use your information. We will not "out" people without permission. By submitting your survey on-line, we will assume that your permission has been granted. Together we can make a difference! Thank you.

Mikki Norris, Director
Cannabis Consumers Campaign

Take our survey and participate in the Cannabis Consumers Campaign.

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