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Tony Giles

Hong Kong, China

"Initially anti-drug in my views, I observed that the people I knew who used cannabis were generally more intelligent, sensitive and articulate than non-users. I realized that if the anti-drug propaganda were true, this was unlikely to be 'despite' their use. I then considered the possibility that it might be 'because' of their use and consequently experimented with cannabis. The experience convinced me that the latter hypothesis was more likely correct and I have been a user ever since.

"For me, cannabis has been a great ally. It aids recall, stimulates my imagination and creativity, and elevates my mood. More recently, I have found it to provide better relief than prescription drugs for the increasingly frequent and agonizing episodes of arthritis that I suffer as I grow older."

  • Former chief inspector of police; currently writer and editor-in-chief for trade publishing house and freelance contributor to various publications

  • Speaks three European and two Asian languages; effective public speaker and writer

  • Received Colonial Police Long Service & Good Conduct Medal (Hong Kong); Volunteers with the disabled

  • Interested in cultural and linguistic studies, shamanism, healing arts, music, literature, travel, hiking, swimming and diving

Has consumed cannabis with a High Court judge, senior police officers, a former Commissioner of Correctional Services, and a former deputy government minister.

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