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Al Irvine


"Anyone who is willing to face or just accept the truth about cannabis will have to come to the conclusion that the prohibition of marijauna has harmed hundreds of thousands of lives while, other than its illegality, no serious harm has been shown to have come to anyone as a consequent result of its use.

"It has helped me to expand my understanding and enjoyment of life and the arts. And, it has made me more sensitive to others, more understanding, loving, and caring."

  • Computer Scientist/Consultant/Entrepreneur; MS in Mathematics

  • Invited Member of two National Academy of Science Panels

  • 12 years on the Board of the San Diego Repertory Theatre

  • Enjoys the performing arts, dance, plays, jazz, blues, science, philosophy, politics, religion, and everything.

Has consumed cannabis with officers of major US public corporations, Nobel laureate scientists, and nationally known artists of all kinds.

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