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Margaret Hyland


"I handle a lot of cases with domestic violence, over 90% of which involve alcohol and 0% of which involve marijuana. The most violent thing a marijuana smoker is going to do is murder a bag of potato chips. What's the harm in that?"

  • Attorney, specializing in "Drugs, Divorce and Death" (criminal defense, family law, wills, etc.)

  • BA in Women's Studies and International Affairs, JD

  • Recognized for pro bono legal services, recognized for legal assistance to victims of sexual assault

  • Enjoys Irish music and dancing, camping and hiking, cooking, contra dancing

Has used it when hanging out with friends, while relaxing in the evening with her husband and friends. Has used it medically for migranes, cramps, back problems, panic attacks, hemorrhoids, and sprained shoulder. "I suffer from depression and panic attacks. While some periods of over-use have caused some increased depression, generally the stress reduction benefits keep my already weak immune system from being completely overwhelmed."

Cannabis helps her focus and have a greater and deeper appreciation of various art forms including culinary inspiration. She uses it for relaxation, non-caloric alternative to alcohol. "When I get the munchies, I have trained myself to get healthy snacks like fruit and cottage cheese (which were desperately lacking from my diet)."

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