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Rev. Steve Ridenour


"Something that really puzzles me is; Why in a nation where it is perfectly legal to purchase and consume cigarettes and alcohol which kill an average of 500,000 people each year, it is illegal to possess or consume marijuana? Why is it acceptable to consume these known killers, yet it is a criminal offense to possess or consume marijuana which in all of recorded history there is no record of death from it's use?

"Society might place some reasonable regulations and restrictions on marijuana use, as we do for alcohol and tobacco; however, it is criminal for politicians to lock people away for it. In a free country, the message should be to wait until adulthood, use common sense, take responsibility for your actions, and respect the personal freedom and privacy of others, not locks and bars for those who disagree.

"A better message for young people would be that there are things in life that require a certain degree of maturity and responsibility before engaging in them. While driving, sex, marriage, voting, smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, and serving in the military (to name a few) are not appropriate for minors, they will have the opportunity to choose to engage in these activities or not when they reach a certain age, as a matter of personal choice. Further, people learn that there are appropriate circumstances when use is condoned, and times that are inappropriate. The same message could be applied to using cannabis.

"I have explained to my children that the marijuana laws in our country are unfair and unjust. I have explained to my children that no one has ever died from marijuana use; however, more than 500,000 people die each year from the 'legal drugs' such as alcohol and tobacco. I have also explained to my children that I will not approve of them smoking marijuana until they reach 18 years of age."

  • Ordained Minister (Christian - Non-Denominational); Bachelor of Divinty Degree with a major in Religious Studies

  • Oil and Gas Engineer Consultant; Bachelor's degree in Oil and Gas Technology

  • Enjoys music, golf, and camping

Check out his web sites at: http://www.steveridenour.com and http://www.thejeremiahgroup.org

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